Shelby and Rausch are six years old. Winston is 8 months old and Bentley is 6 months old. We were feeding them what we thought was a good food but turns out it was not. Thank goodness for Susan Thixton and her website- which led us to Nature’s Logic. Our 4 absolutely Love it!! They have been on Nature’s Logic since December and boy what a difference it has made!! Shelby and Rausch act like they are 2 instead of 6. Their energy levels are off the chart running and playing with Bentley and Winston. And Bentley and Winston, well let me just say it is never a dull moment at our house! They are nonstop and everyone is so healthy and strong and it’s all because of Nature’s logic! People all the time ask us what are you feeding them and we tell them. Thank you so much Scott and to your team for what you do for our pets and for us as Pet Parents.