Hello, I have a Lab and German Shepherd mix. The lab is 7 yrs. old. The Lab was diagnosed with a non functioning thyroid three years ago. So the doctor put him on a thyroid drug, and he lost 20 Lbs. in 4 months. I was feeding him a major brand, but he didn’t really have any energy, plus he was shedding bad. One day he ran out of food but I had some Natures Logic Duck and Salmon, that I feed my female German Shepherd. She is a police K-9. After feeding him Nature’s Logic, I took him back to the vet and his thyroid levels are normal!!!!! The hair loss stopped, and his over all health has progressed 10 fold. It is a fantastic food. Also, clean up is something that I have never seen before. It will dry quickly, I will be looking around and it has vanished. This product is the best. I see such a difference in his overall health, and the shiniest coat. Personally, I will stay with this product for the life of my dogs. Thanks to Nature’s Logic my pets are the best they can be. Thank-you again for this product.