I just received my first bag of your formula chicken dry food for dogs I wanted to contact you because I have been researching which food to give my newly adopted little dog. I received the food and I opened the bag and I want to say that I am immediately so pleased. I can see that the kibble is freshly baked and it is just the right size and it smells very good. I wanted to say how pleased I am because I have tried and discarded other top rated foods. Being a canine/feline nutritionist, I even chose carefully among the noncommercial premium brands. I am going to be very happy to introduce this slowly to my little dog. I have researched Nature’s Logic and the ingredients you have include have all the necessary components to promote health also they include the multiple probiotics strains added as well as the enzymes, which I have been purchasing separately. I feel so good about doing every thing I can to promote Sophie’s long term health. I will keep in touch.