I (and my dog) cannot rave about this food enough

I have finally found my dog’s food!

I have a 13-month-old lab/border collie mix who has had gross poop problems her whole life.  We’ve had her allergy tested and tried many different things, eliminating what we thought were the culprits, but without success.

I was beginning to think that maybe her stomach simply couldn’t handle dry kibble.  I found Nature’s Logic (beef) at Global Pet Food in Los Angeles and it was going to be my last attempt at dry kibble before switching to an alternative.

I (and my dog) cannot rave about this food enough.  She absolutely loves it and more importantly, her poops are finally normal!  The amazing thing is that it happened immediately, from the first feeding.  It’s like she has a different butt!  🙂

There must be something in the food the other brands are putting in that you’re not.

Thank you for creating an all-natural food.  We will definitely be sticking with it.  We’ll try the other proteins, as well.