I had been feeding another quality food for years to my cats and 3 German Shepherds before switching to Nature’s Logic. In three short weeks, I have seen amazing results – shiny coats, increase energy levels, and they seem to be more relaxed while resting. I have literally cut their food intake in half from the other “all natural pet food” I had been feeding.

My 10 year old shepherd had to have his spleen removed months ago and his hair never came back in the area the vet shaved him. The vet thought it might be a thyroid issue and was suggesting extensive blood testing. Now that the dog is on Nature’s Logic, the hair is filling in nicely. I’m so relieved his thyroids were not a problem after all!

I have also seen an improvement in my shepherd that has arthritis. He is getting around a lot better and I’m definitely looking to see what the next 3 weeks bring. Please keep making this food, it’s doing wonders for my pets!