I wanted to send a note thanking you for your wonderful product.

I wanted to send a note thanking you for your wonderful product. I adopted my retired Greyhound a year ago and have battled from day 1 to find a food that would agree with him. If he liked it, it didn’t like him and vice versa. At points my garage looked like a dog food warehouse. I didn’t think I would ever find “The One” for him.

I recently bit the bullet and had an allergy test run. It verified some of what I knew from the past food failures – avoid chicken, turkey, venison, salmon, white fish, & sweet potato. Plus now I can add oatmeal, soy, milk, corn. I thought I was truly doomed.

I went back to. The Dog Food Advisor site and started my research all over again & found Nature’s Logic. Of course it isn’t available in a store near me but took yet another gamble and ordered online. The gamble paid off this time!

I did a long slow transition to your Beef Kibble formula and it has been wonderful! Harry can’t wait to eat now and the “output” is actually something I can pick up (sorry for TMI but that’s a MIRACLE in my world). I will be trying out the Sardine and then the Lamb formulas next – I can’t believe I have options that contain NONE of the ingredients he reacts to. He’s been doing so well on your food I was able to start adding in some raw which was always a goal of mine.

Thank you again for these amazing recipes – they have been a God