Since adopting our cat, Oreo, from a local animal shelter, I have been feeding him Nature’s Logic. I braced myself for having another animal in the house and dealing with shedding. Our previous pet had a massive shedding problem resulting in daily vacuuming, but right from the start I noticed that this cat didn’t shed. His coat is like velvet and he’s the perfect weight. His annual trip to the vet was this past week and even our vet couldn’t stop stroking his fur. He went on and on about how soft and healthy the cat was, and I know it was the result of a healthy food. I brought along a brochure listing the ingredients used in Nature’s Logic and he was very impressed. Several of the vet techs even came over to take a look. Having a healthy cat has been a blessing when it comes to vet bills which are non-existent. I no longer have a pet with health problems due to corn and bi-products in his diet. Your canned food made his coat even softer. He loves the rabbit meal the best as you can see. He likes to clean the can! This food is worth every penny. Thank you Nature’s Logic!