I’d like to thank the distributor who allowed my cats to sample the (Nature’s Logic) Duck & Salmon dry food for free during his visit to Pabby’s Pet Pantry in PA. I have since purchased the (Nature’s Logic) chicken and rabbit dry as well. At one point I had taken my five cats off of dry food completely because two of them were gaining too much weight and I had read that it was attributable to the carbs in dry pet food. It’s great to be able to feed them Nature’s Logic dry – without the cheap fillers and additives and, at the same time, know that they benefit from so many healthy ingredients available in a single product. I have to offer more than one flavor to suit each cat’s taste, but all five enjoy it. One used to vomit after eating a cheaper canned food, but her tummy is calm and happy with Nature’s Logic.

Thank you for making this superior product available. It is well worth the price.