The Foundations of Nature’s Logic

By: Scott Freeman

Nature’s Logic is the only full product line in which all categories are free of any chemically synthesized vitamins, minerals, trace minerals or amino acids. 

All nutrients for product substantiation come from 100% whole foods and other natural products making it a truly holistic product line. Nature’s Logic products are also high in animal protein ingredients, gluten free, low in carbohydrates, and contain direct-fed microbials and enzymes.

Nature’s Logic – Better Than Grain Free

Nature’s Logic uses gluten-free millet in its dry food as a binder. Proso millet is a short season, summer annual grass grown as a grain crop. The harvested grain is a seed enclosed in a hull that is typically white or creamy-white. By analysis, the Proso millet used by Nature’s Logic contains less carbohydrates and 80% less sugar than potato and tapioca and more than 90% less sugar than sweet potato and chickpeas, which are often used as binders in diets categorized as grain free.

Plant Carbohydrate Percentage Sugar Percentage
Tapioca 99.6 3.7
Potato 84.4 2.9
Sweet Potato 88.56 18.4
Chickpea 68 12
Millet 80 0.55

Sugar Percentage in Ingredients Used as Binders in Grain-less Diets vs. Millet

(Sourced from USDA National Nutrient Database)

Nature’s Logic Premise Substantiated by Pet Industry Presentations

At the 2007 Pet Food Forum, Greg Aldrich, PhD Pet Food & Ingredient Technology, Inc., made the following conclusion in his presentation on Popular Functional Whole Ingredients: Fruits & Vegetables, “There appears to be a valid rationale for considering fruits and vegetables as functional ingredients in dog and cat diets. Further, there is growing evidence that these ingredients provide benefit to the animal above base nutrition and that there may be a synergism if certain phytonutrients were provided in whole food form rather than as individual supplemental elements.” Nature’s Logic uses a proprietary super food concentrate blend of dried fruit and vegetable powders to derive many of the natural nutrients in its formulations.

Nature’s Logic Premise Boosted by U.S. Cancer Institute Findings

In 2007 the U.S. Cancer Institute published a study associating the high intake of synthetic vitamins and minerals with an increased incidence of prostate cancer in men. The same month this report was published, Animal Wellness Magazine published an article, “Prostate Cancer, It Is Not Only a Human Disease.”

Nature’s Logic vitamins are from whole foods and all natural sources and never from man-made sources. All other processed dry and canned pet food diets can contain as many as 25 or more chemically synthesized forms of vitamins and minerals which the U. S. Cancer Institute has associated in studies with increased incidence of prostate cancer in men. One in four pets today die from cancer. Could these synthetic ingredients also be connected with the growing incidence of prostate cancer in dogs cited in Animal Wellness Magazine?

Nature’s Logic Foundation Supported by U.K. Department of Health Warning

In 2008 the United Kingdom Department of Health released an official warning on the potential health risks of long-term use of highly purified vitamin supplements. The document is supported by the results of 67 studies which found no evidence that vitamin supplements increase longevity and noted that people taking vitamin A, E and beta carotene were slightly more likely to die prematurely. A Department of Health spokesperson stated that most people are able to meet their nutritional needs by eating a balanced, varied diet including plenty of fruits and vegetables. The full article can be found at

Nature’s Logic Foundation Brought into Focus During the Gluten/Melamine Recall

Information that surfaced during the gluten/melamine recalls of 2007 was that many of the chemically synthesized vitamins and minerals used in pet foods and human supplements are imported from China. Also, many of the chemically synthesized amino acids such as taurine, used in cat foods, are also imported from China. In feeding trials, cats eating Nature’s Logic dry cat food had blood taurine levels 60% higher than the required AAFCO average, yet no synthetic taurine is added to any Nature’s Logic Diets. Analyses show that the natural animal protein ingredients in Nature’s Logic provides natural taurine well beyond the minimum level in the AAFCO Nutrient Profile for Cats. This level of natural taurine is also in Nature’s Logic dog foods.

Nature’s Logic Foundation Substantiated by Known History of Synthetic Supplements

At least three companies and manufacturers, a number of retail stores, veterinary clinics and dozens of different pet diets in recent years have been involved in pet food recalls associated with added man-made vitamins and minerals. In each case dogs and cats became ill and a number died. These incidences resulted in recalls and numerous litigations against the manufacturers, brand owners and some of the stores selling the products.

In the past eight years there have been at least two FDA recalls of mineral feed supplements such as Zinc Oxide which was found to contain high levels of the carcinogenic and super-toxic chemical compound dioxin. In the AAFCO Publication there is a section titled Official Guidelines on Contaminant Levels Permitted in Mineral Feed Supplements. This section addresses the past problem of animal intoxication by heavy metal contaminants present in the many approved by-product mineral supplements used in pet foods. It gives recommended dilution levels for mineral supplements as an approach to the problem to keep parts per million of heavy metals such as arsenic, lead and mercury at a safe level. Many of these mineral supplements are by-products of the metal industry. An example is Zinc Oxide which is a by-product of making brass. Nature’s Logic mineral sources are from whole foods and all natural sources and never from industrial made synthetic minerals.

Nature’s Logic Premise Substantiated by AAFCO Feeding Trials Blood Analysis

In the feeding trial to substantiate the Nature’s Logic Dry Canine Diet Family for all life stages, the results were above all historical averages of the USDA certified kennel. All lactating bitches gained weight during lactation, all puppies gained weight during the 6th week of weaning, all puppies in the growth stage out gained the kennel’s historical averages, and all blood analyses exceeded AAFCO requirements. During the cat food feeding trial to substantiate the Nature’s Logic Dry Feline Diet Family for all life stages, blood taurine level exceeded AAFCO required averages by 60%. Hemoglobin and Red Blood Cell Pack Count also exceeded all requirements.

Nature’s Logic Canine Canned Diets have also been substantiated by All Life Stage Feeding Trials with excellent results. These incredible results are attained by Nature’s Logic diets without the addition of any synthetic fortification. To our knowledge, no other canned pet food diet is able to make this claim.

Kittens Hemoglobin g/dl PCV (hematocrit) % Albumin g/dl Taurine nmole/ml
AAFCO Req’d Min Avg 10.0 29% 2.7 300
Nature’s Logic Avg 12.1 36.45% 3.3 593.33
% Above AAFCO Min Avg 21% 25.7% 22% 97.78%
Queens Hemoglobin g/dl PCV (hematocrit) % Albumin g/dl Taurine nmole/ml
AAFCO Req’d Min Avg 9.5 29% 2.7 300
Nature’s Logic Avg 10.73 32.43% 3.3 465.77
% Above AAFCO Min Avg 13% 12% 22% 55.25%
Puppies Hemoglobin g/dl PCV (hematocrit) % Albumin g/dl
AAFCO Req’d Min Avg 11.0 33% 2.6
Nature’s Logic Avg 11.3 38.1% 3.2
% Above AAFCO Min Avg 2.7% 15.5% 23%
Bitches Hemoglobin g/dl PCV (hematocrit) % Albumin g/dl
AAFCO Req’d Min Avg 10.0 30% 2.4
Nature’s Logic Avg 12.9 41.2% 3.1
% Above AAFCO Min Avg 29% 37.3% 29%


Pet diets formulated mainly of a protein source and a carbohydrate source will not meet the AAFCO analysis profile for dogs and cats without adding as many as 25 or more chemically synthesized vitamins and minerals. Animals never consume these chemically-produced supplements in the wild; only mankind uses them or forces them on animals under their care or husbandry. Creating a diet like Nature’s Logic with enough whole foods and natural ingredients alone to meet the AAFCO nutrient profile or to complete a successful AAFCO feeding trial for adequacy is a totally different thing.

Food science has discovered there are more than 5,000 individual phytochemical molecules found in fruits and vegetables. These include natural Vitamin C, E, several key B vitamins, carotenoids, phenolics, flavonoids, glucosinolates, antioxidants, and minerals like potassium, selenium and more. Making a diet out of a protein and carbohydrate source with added synthetic supplements is a diet that is missing these thousands of natural ingredients which are only found in whole foods. Since Nature’s Logic diets and supplements contain a fruit and vegetable concentrate, they also contains these thousands of phytochemical molecules which work synergistically with each other and are better utilized by the body. Most all of these molecule classes have been identified as usable by dogs and cats².

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