BaylieI have finally found my dog’s food!

I have a 13-month-old lab/border collie mix who has had gross poop problems her whole life.  We’ve had her allergy tested and tried many different things, eliminating what we thought were the culprits, but without success.

I was beginning to think that maybe her stomach simply couldn’t handle dry kibble.  I found Nature’s Logic (beef) at Global Pet Food in Los Angeles and it was going to be my last attempt at dry kibble before switching to an

I (and my dog) cannot rave about this food enough.  She absolutely loves it and more importantly, her poops are finally normal!  The amazing thing is that it happened immediately, from the first feeding.  It’s like she has a
different butt!  🙂

There must be something in the food the other brands are putting in that you’re not.

Thank you for creating an all-natural food.  We will definitely be sticking with it.  We’ll try the other proteins, as well.

Robert & Bayli

playdough the basset houndI purchased your Natures Logic Sardine Recipe Dry Dog Food at the end of May for my rescue Basset Hound Playdoh (approximately 10 yrs old). Previously I was feeding him Halo Brand Healthy Weight Grain Free Turkey and Duck. While he enjoyed the Halo food and had no issues with it, I was noticing his coat was dull and flaky and he was not losing the weight I had hoped. His rear legs were also losing mobility. After doing extensive online research I came across your food line and decided the Sardine was the best fit. I was impressed with the percentages (protein to fat ratios) as well as the high quality ingredients, so I took a chance with a food I knew nothing more about then what I read online and in testimonials. Am I ever glad I did! I have seen a HUGE improvement in Playdoh’s coat, his activity levels, and his weight. To be honest prior to the change, he was acting very much the “old man”. Sleeping constantly, little to no playing and a noticeable difficulty in movement. We were worried he was nearing the end of his life. Since changing to your product, you would think he was a puppy again! His coat is shiny and the shedding we have always struggled with is at a minimum even though the temp here in Wisconsin is hot and humid this time of year. There is almost no flaking with his skin. He is active and playful, begging for walks and showing more waistline then he has in years. I cannot tell you how happy we are. Thank you so much for making a wonderful product that I will recommend to any and all of my Basset/Rescue friends.

Lisa and Playdough

LunaLuna is a 1 1/2 year old White German Shepherd. Luna is as picky as they come when it deals with her food and as her owner and pet parent, I want to make sure that Luna is getting the best quality available without breaking the bank.

Blue Buffalo has nothing compared to you guys! Luna is a huge fan of your dry kibble chicken flavor. Add in the North Atlantic Sardine Oil and her white coat shines as bright as fresh snow!

Thank you for such high quality food without taxing your customers wallet.

We have found her food choice for life and Luna couldn’t be happier!

Keep up the excellent work!

Jacqueline and Luna

Shelby and RauschShelby and Rausch are six years old. Winston is 8 months old and Bentley is 6 months old. We were feeding them what we thought was a good food but turns out it was not. Thank goodness for Susan Thixton and her website- which led us to Nature’s Logic. Our 4 absolutely Love it!! They have been on Nature’s Logic since December and boy what a difference it has made!! Shelby and Rausch act like they are 2 instead of 6. Their energy levels are off the chart running and playing with Bentley and Winston. And Bentley and Winston, well let me just say it is never a dull moment at our house! They are nonstop and everyone is so healthy and strong and it’s all because of Nature’s logic! People all the time ask us what are you feeding them and we tell them. Thank you so much Scott and to your team for what you do for our pets and for us as Pet Parents.

The Hollis Family

testimonials_image_34I am into about 100 lbs Nature’s Logic dry fed to my 100 lb Lab “S”. I like the results so far. As good a food as I’ve ever fed. What I love about Nature’s Logic is being able to feed the recommended cups per day without having to cut back due to loose stool.

I recently bought two cases of your canned Lamb, and the venison. Best canned food I’ve ever bought, as it is not water or gel, but a meat loaf. Smells good enough to eat myself. Will you ever do the Feeding trial on it? You mention in the FAQ’s on the Nature’s Logic website maybe a few things are perhaps short as far as the AAFCO requirements.

If the food works during this season hunting, I’ll send you a picture of “S” with a Pheasant. I think it will because this canned food will be great fed right after a day of hunting. It does not change the stool condition as other wet foods do. I ‘ll be able, I hope, to add calories burnt off without having the worry of bloating feeding more dry food. Keeping weight on him has been an issue with other foods.

P & S

greyhoundI wanted to send a note thanking you for your wonderful product. I adopted my retired Greyhound a year ago and have battled from day 1 to find a food
that would agree with him. If he liked it, it didn’t like him and vice
versa. At points my garage looked like a dog food warehouse. I didn’t think
I would ever find “The One” for him.

I recently bit the bullet and had an allergy test run. It verified some of
what I knew from the past food failures – avoid chicken, turkey, venison,
salmon, white fish, & sweet potato. Plus now I can add oatmeal, soy, milk,
corn. I thought I was truly doomed.

I went back to. The Dog Food Advisor site and started my research all over
again & found Nature’s Logic. Of course it isn’t available in a store near me
but took yet another gamble and ordered online. The gamble paid off this

I did a long slow transition to your Beef Kibble formula and it has been
wonderful! Harry can’t wait to eat now and the “output” is actually
something I can pick up (sorry for TMI but that’s a MIRACLE in my world). I
will be trying out the Sardine and then the Lamb formulas next – I can’t
believe I have options that contain NONE of the ingredients he reacts to. He’s
been doing so well on your food I was able to start adding in some raw which
was always a goal of mine.

Thank you again for these amazing recipes – they have been a God send.

J.N. & Harry

I just want to thank you for the samples you sent! I’m surprised how much my dogs love your food! I haven’t seen them eat this way with kibble before! Thank you again!


catI just received my first bag of your formula chicken dry food for dogs I wanted to contact you because I have been researching which food to give my newly adopted little dog. I received the food and I opened the bag and I want to say that I am immediately so pleased. I can see that the kibble is freshly baked and it is just the right size and it smells very good. I wanted to say how pleased I am because I have tried and discarded other top rated foods. Being a canine/feline nutritionist, I even chose carefully among the noncommercial premium brands. I am going to be very happy to introduce this slowly to my little dog. I have researched Nature’s Logic and the ingredients you have include have all the necessary components to promote health also they include the multiple probiotics strains added as well as the enzymes, which I have been purchasing separately. I feel so good about doing every thing I can to promote Sophie’s long term health. I will keep in touch.

J.S Sophie

BoxerWhat a fantastic food for our Boxer girl Stella! She is 9 yrs old now and needed something to feed her in rotation with home made meals.We had her on another good quality made kibble for most of her life but need to give her moisture and no grain/low carb which is much better on her organs and digestion as she ages. While searching we just found Nature’s Logic recently and she has been on the venison (she can not take certain meat proteins from allergies and pancreatic attacks in the past from beef and chicken) so the variety is a huge plus for her and the whole logic behind the food is what sold us. She is doing wonderful on it and so happy to have found your products.Thank you!!!


BoxerI am one happy Mommy! My 10 year old boxer had been spitting up his dog food for several weeks. I had been feeding him a fairly good food, (so I thought) not one you buy at your grocery, but a little better! Had been back and forth with my vets office on giving him zantac for acid reflux to switching his doog food. Nothing was helping. Even tried honey, suppose to aid in digestion. Again, was not helping! Went to an open house at one of our local shelters, and met Angela. She then introduced me to Nature’s Logic. Boy have I learned alot. My baby has been on Nature’s Logic for one week and have already noticed a huge change in him he and has almost stopped spitting his food up/throwing up all together!!!! It has made such a difference in him!! So very greatful!!! Thank you,

T and B